Developing common understandings of dispute prevention and resolution; building specific skill sets around resolution, mediation, facilitated IEPs; developing supportive communities of practice and establishing collaborative cultures that foster mutual trust between families and educational staff; and designing the future continuum of dispute prevention and resolution across California.

Our Mission

The Pathways to Partnership consortium collaborates with all educational partners to build collective capacity, expertise, and resources in the prevention and resolution of conflict with a student-centered focus, in an environment of mutual respect, equity, and understanding, and with a mindset toward continuous improvement process.


Our Vision

The Pathways to Partnership consortium envisions a statewide educational community with the necessary skill sets to prevent, reduce, and resolve conflicts building trust and mutual understanding between families and educational agencies. Our vision embraces resolving conflict at the lowest level, preserving relationships with all members of the IEP team, and ensuring the IEP process is the foundation for positive, equitable student outcomes for all students with disabilities. Our vision seeks to transform the way in which educators respond to conflict and dispute within the California special education system and Statewide System of Support (SSOS) by establishing a sustainable continuum for dispute prevention and resolution that is accessible to all. The program is based on three overarching pillars of support:

  • Family and Community Support and Conflict Prevention
  • Voluntary Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Facilitated Individualized Education Program (IEP) Meetings